Do your own Knotless Braids at home!


How to do your OWN Knotless Box Braids at home!!

More Detailed tutorial for knotless box braids with hand placement tips!

We all know that knotless box braids are the new trend of 2020. This style is meant to give you the box braid look without the knots (where the weave/extensions are added) causing so much tension on your scalp. Honestly, I was against the knotless look at first, because I usually don’t follow trends. But I can say that now that I have completed my knotless braid, I love them. Probably more than the old fashioned look.

Knotless does allow the braids to be manipulated more and gives a cleaner look in my opinion. I also noticed I used less weave with this look but my hair is thick. Although this style is cute, completing it on myself was tricky. You have to add the extensions in your hair in 3 separate sections in order to have a clean natural look. Watch the video above to see me completing my hair.

Below are some step by step instructions with pics and video plus products you may need to complete your hair. All links to products are in the description of the YouTube video.

Video below of attaching hair extension for knotless braids (closer look).

*This video is to show you how to feed the hair in for a knotless plait. Please note that I am only adding one piece of hair extension in this video as a demonstration. In order to complete a full looking braid, you will need to add 3 pieces of hair extensions to each plait. See pics below for further instructions.*

Holding product (Jam, Edge control, gel), comb, and extensions.

Step 1: Separate hair into desired sections to save time. I used a thread / spool rack to keep hair separated. This picture is from when I did my hair.

Step 2: Part hair into desired size section. Make sure that the extensions you separated out matches the section of hair you parted. Use jam on section to reduce unwanted hair in the part and to make the hair section neat.

Step 3: Take hair off spool rack.

Step 4: Take that piece and divide it into 3 even tails. This will be used to feed into your plait.

Step 5: Start plating natural hair by separating the section into 3 tails and underlocking each piece.

Step 6: Take one hair extension tail that was separated out and prepare to add it to your plait. Red mark – outer piece. Blue mark – inner piece. This will help you decipher which part of the hair is being attached during the next steps.

Step 7: Take your thumb and place it on the “loop” of the hair extension, and add that to the middle tail of the plait. So the inner tail of the hair extension should be on the middle tail of the natural hair plait. Make sure this is secure before moving forward.

Step 8: With middle (blue) tail attached to the middle piece of natural hair, wrap the left outer piece of natural hair over the middle piece (as you would with regular plating), which is depicted in pic 2. And secure which is shown in pics 3-4 by wrapping right outer tail of natural hair around.

Step 9: Finally, take the outer tail of hair extension (red mark) and wrap around the remaining part of natural hair. You will repeat steps 6 – 8 with the 2 other sections of hair extensions that you separated in step 4.

All finished!! make sure to watch the videos above for more instructions!

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disclaimer: Im not a hair stylist. This is just how I learned to do it, and I’m sure there are other (maybe better) ways to do this :).

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