Battle of the Louis Vuitton Pochettes

Comparison Video between LV Mini Pochette Accessories, Pochette Accessories, Pochette Felicie, and the Neverfull Pochette

OMG!! I was so excited to FINALLY get the LV Mini Pochette Accessoires after months of searching. If you would like to see that unboxing, it is posted above as well!

Im not a person who likes big purses, so the pochettes are more my taste. I love the versatility and functionality of the pochettes. This post is to show you size comparison and pictures. The video above shows a great representation of each item. I will go ahead and tell you that the mini pochette fits inside of all the pochettes listed above! YAY!!

Mini Pochette Accessoires

Very hard to get item!! I think its mainly due to the price as it is one of LV’s more affordable items that can be turned into a purse with the addition of a strap. It can be used for coins, cards, money or anything compact that you may have. It does fit inside of most bags. The demand is so high for this bag that in my experience, most LV stores only gets one or two every few months. Also, the resell market is selling preloved mini pochettes for the double the price of a new pochette.

Pochette Accessoires

The pochette accessoires is also another item that is VERY hard to get at LV. The size and cost is perfect for teenagers or an adult woman’s first LV. The strap makes this pochette a shoulder bag, but an affordable longer strap from amazon can make this into a crossbody. It comes with a pocket on the inside for storage.

Pochette Felicie

In my opinion, the pochette Felicie is not an everyday bag. It’s structure and envelope style makes it appear to be more of an evening bag. This bag does come with two inserts (card holder and smaller pouch). So far as size, It seems almost identical to the Pochette Accessories! This bag is a little more accessible than the mini pochette and pochette accessories, but its price tag is also WAY more!.

Visual Size Comparison

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